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   * `rb19-rails @3.0.5`
 In ideal world the packaging of these modules would be better and more up-to-date, so that installing Ruby on Rails would be as straightforward as
-port install rb22-rails4.2
+port install rb23-rails4.2
 but until then you need to use other tools with a wider base of maintainers.
@@ -42,15 +42,15 @@
 == Installing Ruby ==
-rbenv install 2.2.3
-rbenv global 2.2.3
+rbenv install 2.3.0
+rbenv global 2.3.0
 ruby -v
 == Installing Rails ==
-gem install rails -v 4.2.4
+gem install rails -v 4.2.6
 To make sure that `rbenv` knows about the new version of rails you additionally need:
@@ -61,13 +61,15 @@
 === Problems ===
-There might be some problems related to installation of nokogiri (a bug is the installer). A workaround might be the following:
+There might be some problems related to installation of nokogiri 1.6.7 (a bug in the installer). As a workaround you can use:
 gem install nokogiri -- --use-system-libraries --with-xml=/opt/local/
-but the gem might stop working when you upgrade `libxml2` from MacPorts.
+before installing rails which will link against the `libxml2` library from MacPorts (but note that it might stop working if you happen to upgrade to an abi-incompatible version of that library or if you uninstall it). The problem was apparently fixed in nokogiri version 1.6.8.
 = Setting up the Database = #database

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