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-== Initial setup ==
+== Initial setup == #Initialsetup
 Start with some basic setup (based on [https://community.kde.org/Infrastructure/Git/Configuration KDE's configuration hints]):
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 Note that the push will fail if the remote repository has new changes. Contrary to Subversion, it does not matter whether your changes conflict with the remote ones. If this happens, you must update your local working copy as described in the [#updating section on fetch the latest changes] and re-try the push.
+'''T.B.D.:''' See config setting for {{{push.default}}} [#Initialsetup above], which requires the user to explicitly state the target branch, i.e. it should now be e.g. {{{git push origin master}}}.
 === Merge a single change from master into a release branch === #cherrypick
 The equivalent to Subversion's `svn merge -c <revision> .` is `git cherry-pick`. Use `git cherry-pick` to apply a single change from master to a release branch. To do this, look up the commit ID of the commit you want to pick:
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 git push [origin <branchname>]
+'''T.B.D.:''' Here as well see config setting for {{{push.default}}} [#Initialsetup above] requiring a target branch, i.e. it should now be e.g. {{{git push origin master}}}.
 == Common `git` tasks & notes about MacPorts' Subversion export ==
 === Fetching the latest changes === #updating
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 '''Note:''' `git rebase` requires that you do not have uncommitted modifications in your working copy. If you have modifications, you can temporarily save them using `git stash` and restore them after the rebase using `git stash pop`.
 '''Warning:''' `git pull` without the `--rebase` flag is a shorthand for `git fetch && git merge origin/master`, which will automatically create a merge commit if it thinks that's necessary.
+'''T.B.D.:''' See config setting for {{{branch.autosetuprebase}}} [#Initialsetup above].
 === Commit messages === #commitmessages
 There are a number of conventions to writing Git commit messages. For a detailed explanation, see http://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/. As a tl;dr, here are seven short rules:
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  1. Use the imperative mood in the subject line
  1. Wrap the body at 72 characters
  1. Use the body to explain what and why vs. how
+'''T.B.D.:''' See todo on {{{~/.git-commit-template}}} [#Initialsetup above].
 === Reverting changes === #revert
 Subversion has two methods for reverting changes: `svn revert`, which drops uncommitted local modifications and restores the committed state and `svn merge -c -12345` to undo committed changes.

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