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 Note that L1 and L2 have been modified by this operation; their commit IDs changed because of that. This new state can be pushed back to origin without the need for a merge commit, and the history graph will stay linear. '''We recommend that all developers rebase their changes rather than merge when conflicts occur during pushing.'''
+'''T.B.D.:''' See config setting for {{{branch.autosetuprebase}}} [#Initialsetup above].
 ==== Putting the background knowledge into production ====
 First, get all new commits from the remote repository using `git fetch <remote-name>`, where `<remote-name>` identifies the repository from which you want to fetch and defaults to "origin":
@@ -192,8 +195,6 @@
 '''Note:''' `git rebase` requires that you do not have uncommitted modifications in your working copy. If you have modifications, you can temporarily save them using `git stash` and restore them after the rebase using `git stash pop`.
 '''Warning:''' `git pull` without the `--rebase` flag is a shorthand for `git fetch && git merge origin/master`, which will automatically create a merge commit if it thinks that's necessary.
-'''T.B.D.:''' See config setting for {{{branch.autosetuprebase}}} [#Initialsetup above].
 === Commit messages === #commitmessages

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