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 First try `sudo port -d selfupdate` to get all errors to display. If your connection to the rsync server fails you may get blocked by a firewall or other network control software.
-Some firewalls, such as PeerGuardian, block connections to certain corporate IP addresses as a way to prevent software from "phoning home" and violating your privacy. Our main rsync server is hosted by Apple Inc. Self updating requires an rsync connection to download files, but this will be blocked. In order to work around this, you need to temporarily disable or white-list rsync.macports.org.  Another alternative is to use [wiki:Mirrors another mirror] that is not hosted by Apple.
-The black list entry is all of Apple Inc's subnet, which is Disable this or create a white-list exception for rsync.macports.org.  PeerGuardian will filter your network connections even if it is not actively running as an application.   It is possible to disable PeerGuardian before running a selfupdate command by typing the following command in Terminal, but make sure you stop all processes associated with PeerGuardian before doing this.
-sudo kextunload -b xxx.qnation.PeerGuardian
+Some firewalls block connections using the rsync protocol (TCP port 873). Ask your network administrator to allow outbound connections to this port or switch to one of the alternative methods mentioned below.
 If you run LittleSnitch, create a rule for rsync (/usr/bin/rsync) that allows connections to server hostname rsync.macports.org, port 873 (rsync), protocol 6 (TCP). Make sure the rule is enabled.
-If getting through a firewall is not a possibility, there are other methods you can use which are a bit more manual:
+The connection problem may also only exist to certain hosts. Our main mirror is hosted by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany inside the German Research Network. If you think you might have trouble connecting to their mirror service, you can try using one of our [wiki:Mirrors other mirrors].
+Additionally, our main mirror provides IPv6 connectivity. If your network has problems with IPv6 connections, try one of our [wiki:Mirrors mirrors] that does not advertise IPv6 support.
+If getting through a firewall or fixing your network is not a possibility, there are other methods you can use which are a bit more manual:
  * [wiki:howto/SyncingWithSVN  You can sync your port tree using Subversion]
  * [wiki:howto/PortTreeTarball You can download a tarball, built daily, and update with that]

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