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  #46978 - extra-cmake-modules (being the basis for creating KF5 ports) [[BR]]
  #48184 - kf5-attica plus new {{{kf5}}} port group [[BR]]
+A little visual proof of how far we've come: [[Image(KF5-Mac.png)]]
+This shows KDevelop5 and Konsole5 and the application style selection dialog running with Qt 5.7.1 (provided by `port:qt5-kde-devel`), KF5 Frameworks 5.29.0 and the QtCurve/MacOSX-Graphite theme. The style selection dialog runs in native Cocoa mode, while in this image KDevelop5 and Konsole5 are running using the X11 backend (provided by `port:qt5-kde-devel-x11`).
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