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 If you want to get your hands dirty and help as a beta-tester, there are 2 github repositories you can install and add (in `sources.conf`) as additional port trees. Regular "snapshots" of the development state are made to Marko's fork (github.com/mkae/macstrop), which mostly contains ports related to KF5 and/or Qt5. Development takes place in René's "macstrop" repository (github.com/RJVB/macstrop) which also contains a number of unrelated ports and is thus less suitable for the "fainter of heart".[[BR]]
 Both come with detailed installation instructions.
+Once the repositories are installed according to the instructions you can start installing KF5 ports. The first step might be to uninstall or deactivate any of the "official" Qt5 ports you already have installed (there should be no need to uninstall all ports that depend on them!). Then, the recommended procedure would be to install `port:qt5-kde` (or `port:qt5-kde-devel`) first, followed by a relatively simple application like `kf5-kwalletmanager` (which you might need anyway). An alternative (but untested) approach is to specify the `+qt5kde` variant explicitly during that first install (normally not required!).
+In order to have icons in the applications you'll probably want to install `port:ciment-icons +OSXdg` as well as the `port:kf5-osx-integration-devel` port (tip: read that port's info and notes first).
 Current KF5 ports include `kf5-kate` (KDE's advanced text editor), `kf5-kdevelop` (a full-fledged IDE), `kf5-kile` (an integrated TeX/LaTeX environment), `kf5-kdenlive` (non-linear video editor), `kf5-krita` (photo editor) and `kf5-digikam` (photo management application).
 Some relevant tickets on trac:

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