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 Your local repository needs the ports to be nested within a category for portindex to work, as explained in the relevant [http://guide.macports.org/#development.local-repositories documentation].
-=== Why was the `cd` command removed? === #cd
-The `cd` command was removed from trunk in r28796. As of release 1.7.0 it is no longer available for use in Portfiles. `cd` is harmful as it changes the current directory of the whole process and not only of the current Tcl interpreter. Also, it becomes unreliable when used inside phases and other phases begin to rely on it.
-Please use absolute paths instead, starting with ${worksrcpath}. If you need to run a command with `system`, use it like `system -W ${worksrcpath} "autoreconf"`.
 === What is the process for becoming a committer? === #committer
 The process is pretty much the same as for any other open source project. See the relevant [http://guide.macports.org/#project.membership documentation] and the [wiki:NewCommittersGuide New commiters guide] for what commit access to MacPorts entails.

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