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 port clean --work <port>
-== Corrupt Filemap == #corruptdatabase
-'''Error message:'''[[BR]]
-Error: unknown node kind in database (database is corrupted?)
-Probably something went wrong while a port was being (un)installed or (de)activated, such as a kernel panic or the machine losing power. You can fix the database file (`/opt/local/var/macports/receipts/file_map.db`) by downloading the following script:
-Follow the instructions in the comments at the beginning of the script.
-You can invoke the script by typing:
-chmod +x repairfilemap.tcl
-sudo ./repairfilemap.tcl
 = Retired Problems =
 {{{#!div class="important" style="background: #99d8c9; border-color: #2ca25f; color: #00441b;"

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