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 == Attendees
+- ryandesign
+- l2dy
+- mojca
+- raimue
+- ijackson
 == Minutes
+=== Quick Overview of the MacPorts Meeting in Slovenia
+There are a couple of open points to from the meeting that are largely put into tickets and thus haven't been lost. Since the attendees of the call are all familiar with the meeting, we are skipping a general overview.
+=== Plans for MacPorts Release(s)
+2.4.3 has been released. There are no known regressions.
+The milestone is https://trac.macports.org/query?group=status&milestone=MacPorts+2.4.4. The last remaining ticket is #56267, which only has one remaining cherry-pick that failed to apply. We decided to not cherry-pick [9f7ffde631117650b96641595f626512409a3cbb/macports-base]. Currently fetching from GitHub fails on Yosemite and older and fetching from SourceForge with SVN fails on Mountain Lion and older, which would be fixed by 2.4.4. Since this is quite important and there are no other open changes, we could release 2.4.4 in its current state.
+For 2.5.0, there already are quite a number of changes that would be worth releasing. We want to release the current state soon and move everything else to 2.6.0 instead of delaying 2.5.0 any longer. There is currently a problem with Josh's new check for the C++ standard library in rev-upgrade on the upgrade path that is being tracked in #56326.
+We cleaned up the 2.5.0 milestone to only include things that really need to go into 2.5.0. Once the remaining two tickets are solved, we can release.
+=== Next Online Meeting
+The meeting was useful. We should have repeat it. We will try a monthly schedule for now. The next meeting will be May 26th, 13:00 UTC. Mojca will schedule.
+=== Website-related Topics
+We plan to convert the guide to asciidoc using docbookrx to make contributing easier. First, we want to convert the XML source to asciidoc but keep the output format as HTML generated via docbook for now to simplify the transition. After this conversion, we also want to get rid of docbook for HTML output in general. Mojca has some work in progress she will push.
+The other website-related topics are moved to the next meeting.

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