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 '''[#contact Get in contact!]''' Most important is to discuss your ideas with potential mentors via private email, the MacPorts development list, or the IRC channel before applying.
 == Students ==
+The following are the list of projects selected for GSoC 2019:
+|| '''Project''' || '''Student''' || '''Mentor''' ||
+|| Automating Packaging for Macports || Karan Sheth || Renee, Cyril Roelandt ||
+|| Macports Custom Views Plugin for Buildbot || Rajdeep Bharati || Povilas Kanapickas, [wiki:mojca Mojca Miklavec], Pierre Tardy ||
+|| Phase Out Xcode Dependency || Ahmad Satryaji Aulia || Marcus Calhoun-Lopez, [wiki:cal Clemens Lang] ||
+|| Web App (with API) to Collect PortIndex, Build History and Installation Statistics || Arjun Salyan || [wiki:umeshksingla Umesh Singla], [wiki:mojca Mojca Miklavec] ||
 For the students and projects in the previous editions of GSoC with MacPorts, see [[SummerOfCodeArchive]].

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