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 This page is dedicated to the projects accepted into GSoC 2019.
+This year we are trying to test a real-time chat-like option for quick communication and avoid spamming mailing lists for silly questions. Please feel free to join us on Gitter and experiment around: https://gitter.im/macports-gsoc/gsoc-2019. You can ping @umeshksingla if you'd like a separate room for your project or create one on your own. 
 == Automating Packaging for Macports == #upt
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 == Web App (with API) to Collect PortIndex, Build History and Installation Statistics == #webapp
+Mentors: mojca, umeshksingla
+Student: arjun
+Weekly meetings:
+* When: Saturdays, 6 UTC - 7 UTC
+* Where: [https://hangouts.google.com/call/M-ZGZG9unxTsvxhiFNMDAEEM Hangouts]
+Main Repository: https://github.com/macports/macports-webapp

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