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 This has led to some major setbacks with respect to developer productivity. MacPorts also needs some custom views in buildbot to be able to better analyze build history, commits, etc. The legacy version doesn't allow us to write such custom views. This project will involve upgrading the Macports Buildbot infrastructure to the latest version, developing a plugin for buildbot and writing custom views.
 ==== Student ====
-* Rajdeep Bharati (github: [https://github.com/rajdeepbharati @rajdeepbharati])
+* Rajdeep Bharati (github: [https://github.com/rajdeepbharati @rajdeepbharati]; macports: [[rajdeep]])
 ==== Mentors ====
 * Pierre Tardy  (github: [https://github.com/tardyp @tardyp]), ''buildbot developer''
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 ==== Student ====
-* Ahmad Satryaji Aulia (github: [https://github.com/satraul @satraul])
+* Ahmad Satryaji Aulia (github: [https://github.com/satraul @satraul]; macports: [[satraul]])
 ==== Mentors ====
 * Marcus Calhoun-Lopez (github: [https://github.com/MarcusCalhoun-Lopez @MarcusCalhoun-Lopez]; macports: [[mcalhoun]])
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 Although these will be the main components of the app, yet there will be many other accessibility features like maintainer’s page, customisable table of all builds etc.
 ==== Student ====
-* Arjun Salyan (github: [https://github.com/arjunsalyan @arjunsalyan])
+* Arjun Salyan (github: [https://github.com/arjunsalyan @arjunsalyan]; macports: [[arjun]])
 ==== Mentors ====
 * Mojca Miklavec (github: [https://github.com/mojca @mojca]; macports: [[mojca]])

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