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 ==== Links ====
 * Main repository: https://github.com/macports/upt-macports
 == Macports Custom Views Plugin for Buildbot == #buildbot-views
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 == Phase Out Xcode Dependency == #remove-xcode-dep
 ==== Description ====
 Currently, a full Xcode installation is needed to install MacPorts. In reality this is overkill, as most of the packages on the MacPort do not need the full installation. To phase out this dependency, several things should be done:
 * Xcode dependency flag: implement a flag for package maintainers to indicate Xcode dependency
 * Xcode dependency detection: implement a way to detect Xcode dependency when building packages using sandbox tracing
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 == Web App (with API) to Collect PortIndex, Build History and Installation Statistics == #webapp
 ==== Description ====
-The website would have a dynamic page for each port which would display
+The website would have a dynamic page for each port which would display:
 * Port Information: Name, Description, Version, Maintainers (github and email), Dependencies, Long Description, Homepage, Installed Files etc.
 * Installations Statistics: Number of installations, Installations vs Month, Installations vs Version for last 12 months, number of updates vs month.
 * Build Data: Table of all builds(latest), Status of last build for all OS Versions, Build Reproducibility.

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