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 * 'GPLConflict' should be added if the license conflicts with the GPL (and its variants like CeCILL and the AGPL) and is not in the list of licenses known to do so below.
 * 'Noncommercial' means a license that prohibits commercial use.
 * Public domain code, while technically not having or needing a license, should list the license as 'public-domain'.
+* The Mozilla Public License version 2.0 behaves differently depending on whether the software is declared by the authors to be "Incompatible With Secondary Licenses". If that declaration is not made, then the software can optionally be distributed under the terms of several other licenses including the GPL, the AGPL, and the LGPL, as well as the MPL itself. If an MPL-2 port is Incompatible With Secondary Licenses, put `MPL-2` in the license field. If it is not Incompatible With Secondary Licenses, use `{MPL-2 LGPL-2.1+}`, since the LGPL is the most permissive of the secondary licenses, and the other options do not have any advantages over it for our purposes.
 == Using the “deactivate hack” == #deactivatehack
 Using the so-called “deactivate hack” becomes necessary when a file that used to be provided by port A is going to be provided by port B from now on and we need a seamless update path. Without the deactivate hack the activation phase of port B would fail because one of the files it tries to install is already there. The deactivate hack works around this problem, by deactivating A if it is active. It is often combined with a check for a specific version of A.

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