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  Reports :: `{1}` or `report:1`
  Milestones :: `milestone:1.0`
  Attachment :: `attachment:example.tgz` (for current page attachment), `attachment:attachment.1073.diff:ticket:944` (absolute path)
- Changesets :: `r1`, `[1]`, `changeset:1` or (restricted) `[1/trunk]`, `changeset:1/trunk`, `[1/repository]`
+ Changesets :: `r1`, `[1]`, `changeset:1` or (restricted) `[1/trunk]`, `changeset:1/trunk`, `[1/repository]`,  `[changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports commit bd5d680]` (GitHub commit with abbreviation)
  Revision log :: `r1:3`, `[1:3]` or `log:@1:3`, `log:trunk at 1:3`, `[2:5/trunk]`
  Diffs :: `diff:@1:3`, `diff:plugins/0.12/mercurial-plugin at 9128:9953`,
@@ -43,7 +43,8 @@
  Reports :: {1} or report:1
  Milestones :: milestone:1.0
  Attachment :: attachment:example.tgz (for current page attachment), attachment:attachment.1073.diff:ticket:944 (absolute path)
- Changesets :: r1, [1], changeset:1 or (restricted) [1/trunk], changeset:1/trunk, [1/repository]
+ Changesets :: r1, [1], changeset:1 or (restricted) [1/trunk], changeset:1/trunk, [1/repository],  [changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports commit bd5d680] (GitHub commit with abbreviation)
  Revision log :: r1:3, [1:3] or log:@1:3, log:trunk at 1:3, [2:5/trunk]
  Diffs :: diff:@1:3, diff:plugins/0.12/mercurial-plugin at 9128:9953,
@@ -195,6 +196,26 @@
 A distinctive advantage of InterTrac links over InterWiki links is that the shorthand form of Trac links (e.g. `{}`, `r`, `#`) can also be used. For example if T was set as an alias for Trac, links to Trac tickets can be written #T234, links to Trac changesets can be written [trac 1508].
 See InterTrac for the complete details. 
+=== Links to MacPorts on GitHub
+This MacPorts instance of Trac is set up to interpret a certain changeset syntax as linking to MacPorts repositories on GitHub. We prefer the changeset syntax instead of a plain URL link when referring to commits on MacPorts repositories there.
+The syntax is: `[changeset:`''<full commit SHA>''`/`''<repository name''> [''optional link text''] `]`
+The MacPorts repository names on GitHub are listed at https://github.com/macports/ . The most useful repositories are `macports-ports` (the code of the ports), `macports-base` (the source code of the command-line client), and `macports-guide` (the source which compiles to the MacPorts Guide).
+The full commit SHA is a 40-digit hexadecimal number, generated by GitHub's git version control system.
+For example, in a commit with a URL like: 
+`https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/commit/bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e`, the repository name is `macports-ports`, and the full commit SHA is `bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e`. 
+The preferred link to such a commit, in a Trac ticket or wiki page, is `[changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports commit bd5d680]`. 
+This displays as 
+[changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports commit bd5d680]. 
+The link text, "commit bd5d680", uses the common practice of abbreviating git SHAs to 7 digits. Other link text may work better in your situation.
+Without the link text, the link is `[changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports]`. It displays as [changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports] . This is valid, but verbose. Provide link text, and be more concise.
 === Server-relative links

Page URL: <https://trac.macports.org/wiki/TracLinks>
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