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 MacPorts defaults to building for the architecture that it is running as. If you have a universal MacPorts installation on an Apple Silicon Mac, and you run it from a terminal emulator that is not a native arm64 binary, MacPorts will end up being run as x86_64, and will build ports accordingly, which can be unexpected. This can be corrected by explicitly setting `build_arch arm64` in macports.conf, or by using a native terminal emulator.
+A number of MacPorts portfiles and MacPorts base assume that arm64 Macs will have Rosetts 2 installed; you will likely run into issues if you have not installed it. Note that Rosetta 2 is not installed by default, or when running x86_64 binaries from the command line — you must open an application that has only x86_64 code in it to get the prompt to install Rosetta 2.
 == Tickets for Broken Ports ==

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