Ticket #8230: MPlayer 1.0rc1

Mark Duling mark.duling at biola.edu
Fri Nov 3 14:57:25 PST 2006

"Daniel J. Luke" <dluke at geeklair.net> on Friday, November 3, 2006 at 3:37
PM -0800 wrote:
>> Looks like this got lost in the shuffle the first time around.
>> I cannot contact the maintainer since MPlayer is not maintained  
>> right now.  So...would someone please look at the patch in ticket  
>> #8230 and commit it?  Or let me know why it can't be committed.
>I've just committed this.
>In the future, it would be helpful if you could attach the patch (as  
>file.patch) to the bug instead of having it be in the comments, it's  
>easier to view/apply that way.
>Also, would you be interested in maintaining this port, since you  
>have an interest in it? [patches from maintainers generally get  
>applied faster, and it's the first step to getting commit access  
>where you'd be able to just update it yourself].

There was a duplicate submission on this.  Ot can be closed I guess but
the submitter is interested in being a maintainer.



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