Setting svn:keywords on all Portfile's

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Oct 26 20:04:16 PDT 2006

On Oct 26, 2006, at 19:57, Blair Zajac wrote:

> It appears that in CVS we have automatic keyword substitution on $Id 
> $, for example:
> $ head editors/xemacs/Portfile
> # $Id: Portfile,v 1.24 2006/06/09 23:18:02 blair Exp $
> However, this isn't being updated in svn since the svn:keywords is  
> not set.  I committed to editors/xemacs/Portfile yesterday, but  
> it's still showing the last commit in CVS.
> I propose setting svn:keywords to 'HeadURL Id LastChangedBy  
> LastChangedDate LastChangedRevision' on all Portfiles, which will  
> enable all five keywords that svn supports.
> Is anybody using the following strings in their Portfiles that  
> would be replaced and modified by svn:
>   $Author$
>   $Date$
>   $HeadURL$
>   $Id$
>   $LastChangedBy$
>   $LastChangedDate$
>   $LastChangedRevision$
>   $Rev$
>   $Revision$
>   $URL$
> Any objections to this?

I agree that we should do a one-time sweep to set svn:keywords on all  
portfiles. Not sure if all those keywords are necessary... Whatever  
list of keywords we decide on, we should also install a pre-commit  
hook that rejects the commit of any portfile that does not contain  
these keywords. This came up before: 

Charlie and Kevin: has any progress been made on the Python script?  
If not, I'd be happy to code up something simple that should do the  
trick, but it wouldn't be in Python. My preferred language is PHP,  
but if that's not acceptable I could try to do it in Bash or Perl.

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