Any reason not to combine rb-mysql & rb-mysql5?

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sun Sep 10 15:45:31 PDT 2006

Ollivier Robert <roberto at> writes:
>> I had to add mysql5 support to rb-mysql to even test a patch to the
>> rb-dbd-mysql port to fix a download path problem because I have MySQL 5
>> installed.
>Let's merge them together, rb-mysql5 could be resurrected later.

Ok, I'll do it.  But the combined one will support mysql5 by default and
mysql4 with a variant, so a future rb-mysql5 shouldn't be needed.  Of
course, the only way to specify that you use mysql4 would be 'port install
rb-mysql +mysql4', because a port can't specify a dependent's variants,
but we have to deal with that with all our other ports too.  

By the way, should rb-dbd-mysql be upgraded from 0.0.23 to 0.1.1, the
latest?  Or is there some reason it needs to stay at the older rev? 


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