Improvements to trac/svn workflow?

Charlie Allom yeled at
Mon Sep 18 18:34:55 PDT 2006

On 17/09/2006, at 10:13 AM, Paul Guyot wrote:                                   
>Is there a way to get trac to send e-mails when some bugs we're                
>watching is updated? Even the original poster of the bug doesn't               
>get e-mail feedback. See for example the discussion at http://                 
this has a bug assigned.

>Finally, the e-mails for svn commits are all authored                          
>source_changes at and this makes it more difficult to              
>quickly find a change in the mail box.                                         

this has been discussed. i'd like to see this too..

>Is there anything we can do to improve the workflow?                           

at the moment we are waiting fo kvv's time and macosforge's hardware
upgrade. i created an 'infrastructure' component to log bugs - all
default to being own by kvv for now..


 hail eris

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