Is libffi obsolete?

Paul Guyot pguyot at
Thu Sep 21 05:32:44 PDT 2006

Le 21 sept. 06 à 21:27, Ronald Oussoren a écrit :

> On Thursday, September 21, 2006, at 01:28PM, Yves de Champlain  
> <yves at> wrote:
>> Le 06-09-21 à 04:15, Ronald Oussoren a écrit :
>>> On Thursday, September 21, 2006, at 09:45AM, Mark Duling
>>> <mark.duling at> wrote:
>>>>> The file the port tries to download isn't the maintained copy of
>>>>> libffi. I've fully integrated the libffi build into the PyObjC  
>>>>> build
>>>>> and we no longer distribute a current standalone copy of libffi.
>>>>> gcc also provides its own and I see this port more like a  
>>>>> potential
>>>>> source of troubles than anything else.
>>>> So am I hearing "this port is broke and will never work and  
>>>> should be
>>>> deleted"?  Or is it more a "wait and see and let it hang around
>>>> for awhile
>>>> more" type of thing.  I hate to have ports in the tree that will
>>>> never
>>>> work because it causes confusion and bugs to be filed.
>>> A port that works from the copy of libffi that is distributed by
>>> the PyObjC project is less than optimal. That version does not, and
>>> will never, support darwin/x86.  That's nothing that can't be fixed
>>> through patches of course ;-)
>> All I know about ppc/x86 is that gnustep use ffi on ppc and ffcall on
>> x86.  I think gcc does not install ffi on x86.
> AFAIK the libffi in GCC's tree does not yet support darwin/x86, it  
> does support linux/x86 (and loads of other platforms). The problem  
> here is that Apple has choosen to use an x86 ABI that is slightly  
> different from the default SYSV ABI on x86, probably because they  
> can generate better code with the darwin/x86 ABI.
> The version of libffi that is shipped in recent pyobjc releases and  
> the pyobjc repository does support darwin/x86, but has a build  
> procedure that is fully integrated with the pyobjc one. Someone  
> that knows how to program C could IMHO easily extract darwin/x86  
> support from the PyObjC tree and create a standalone version of  
> libffi that supports both darwin/ppc and darwin/x86.


I have a multiplatform project based on PyObjC's libffi (for the OSX/ 
x86 & ppc builds) and it works just fine, so I don't understand what  
all this discussion is about.

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