Uninstall an obsolete from another (conflicting) port

Landon Fuller landonf at macports.org
Wed Apr 4 11:16:09 PDT 2007

On Apr 4, 2007, at 04:21, Yves de Champlain wrote:

> Le 07-04-04 à 04:30, Randall Wood a écrit :
>> What's the best way to do this?
>> I have seen calls in ports doing this in the past like:
>> pre-install {
>> 	system "port -f uninstall xxx"
>> }
>> Which is not really the way to do it. Clearly the best way would  
>> be loop the list of versions of the port and uninstall each one  
>> using the MacPorts API, but given the state of the docs...
> IMHO, this should be avoided as much as possible.
> But if you got to do it, deactivate should just work.

There's no real safe way to do this without implementing 'conflicts'  
and 'replaces' support of some kind. The propagation of recursive  
calls to port as a work-around is unfortunate, as it's really not a  
safe thing to be doing -- there are no guarantees regarding system  

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