MacPorts v1.4.0 release announcement

James Berry jberry at
Thu Apr 5 12:26:10 PDT 2007

The MacPorts project is pleased to announce the release of MacPorts  

Change log is at < 
Downloads are available at < 

Thanks to all project members who contributed to this release, and  
especially to Juan Manuel Palacios, who served as release manager.  
Bugs may be filed at the <>.

We plan to release a v1.4.1 within weeks with some ongoing  
enhancements. Please note that our official plan is to build disk  
images only for 1.x.0 releases, and let subsequent point releases  
selfupdate from there. If you have a previous release of MacPorts  
installed, the easiest path to MacPorts 1.4.0 is simply "sudo port  

— MacPorts team

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