Dealing with tarballs that tarbomb

Blair Zajac blair at
Thu Apr 5 12:54:33 PDT 2007

The scala tarball doesn't extract into a new subdirectory and instead 
just extracts into the directory where you run tar, i.e. a tarbomb.  So 
in work/, you see a bin/ and a share/ directory.

Is there an easy, clean way to deal with this in MacPorts?  I looked at 
specifying some extract options, but I didn't see anything.  I tried 
passing the ${distname} to tar -C's option to create the subdirectory, 
but this doesn't work, since the directory to put it in doesn't exist yet.

It looks like another way is to hack it into configure to move the 
directories down a level, but this doesn't seem clean.

Any ideas?


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