1.4.1 release

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Thu Apr 5 23:51:06 PDT 2007

	Evening everyone!

	So the 1.4.0 release is finally completed after much delay (my bad, my 
apologies!), and now we're already moving up to 1.4.1. Tonight I did 
quite some merging into the release_1_4 branch of some of the work that 
has been happening on trunk, but not all of it.

	I'm currently leaving out:

  1) r23242: Ignoring SSL certificates;
  2) r23098, r23125, r23238, r23248, 23362 and 23552: "New options for 
configure flags (C|CPP|CXX|LD)FLAGS and logic to handle that
and backward compatibility." per Paul's commit log (original and 
subsequent commits);
  3) r23246, r23249 and r23291: New -I${prefix}/include and 
-L${prefix}/lib compile time flags;
  4) r23549, 23550 and r23553: Moving port tests into a test subfolder 
in order to portindex them;
  5) Universal variant.

	On the one hand, I can't find my commit log mails for the work on the 
universal variant, so I'd appreciate it if someone could annotate my 
list with the proper revision numbers; and on the other hand, I'm not 
sure if 2) and 3) can be split like that, so (Paul) do correct me if 
I'm wrong. In any case, I'd like to discuss which of those changesets 
we're going to be including in 1.4.1, so everyone should feel free to 
ventilate all the pro's and con's about each of them, if any. We 
should, however, keep in mind that 1.4.1 is meant to be a minor, bug 
fixing release over 1.4.0 and therefore should not try to offer big and 
probably still experimental new features like the universal variant, in 
my opinion; 1.5 seems to me like more appropriate for that. But, again, 
I'm willing to be proven otherwise.



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