antigraingeometry vs SDL_VERSION

Jochen Küpper jochen at
Sat Apr 7 01:41:23 PDT 2007

On 07.04.2007, at 02:04, Jann Röder wrote:

> I committed another fix, that hacks out the SDL stuff by default.  
> If you
> have SDL installed you don't get this error. So there's now a variant
> that adds a dependecy on libsdl. Could you double check if that  
> works now ?

Hi Jann, thanks for your efforts.

However, what exactly am I supposed to do to test this?
Please consider that I am still kind of new to MacPorts.

 > sudo port search antigrain
antigraingeometry              graphics/antigraingeometry  
2.5          A high quality rendering engine for C++

 > sudo port variants antigraingeometry
antigraingeometry has the variants:

 > sudo port -u upgrade antigraingeometry
[no output]

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