Website redesign (was Re: Please clear up DarwinPort/MacPorts confusion)

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Mon Apr 9 10:36:48 PDT 2007

On Apr 9, 2007, at 11:19 AM, Paul Beard wrote:

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> On Apr 9, 2007, at 2:22 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Do we want to do that? Admittedly wikis are easier to edit. But  
>> wasn't the docbook format chosen for a reason? To those who remember:  
>> What was that reason? Does it still apply?
> I think that was a reason I didn't/couldn't contribute to the docs a  
> long time ago, IIRC. There was a reason for docbook, but it was one of  
> those "the best is the enemy of the good" moments. Docbook is great is  
> everyone can use it, but choosing a format that is mostly used by  
> coders means that its use might be limited to coders whose time might  
> be better spent coding. Mere civilians like myself can more easily add  
> to the project if we don't set up barriers to entry like that.

	Dockbook was chosen as the original format for the guide because of  
the myriad of formats we could output to from a single xml based source  
tree, at that time we were thinking about having html, pdf and  
who-knows-what-else incarnations of our guide. But the times have  
changed and I think we're well served with the dynamism of Wiki based  
documentation now and all that it has to offer (collaboration from  
non-coders certainly being high on the list). Therefore, hack on the  
Wiki everyone, says I! I've been promising to look at our trac  
permissions and adapt them to our current needs, so I'll try to get  
that done first so that a wider base can effectively contribute.

	In the mean time, as I first said in this thread, I'm very interested  
in seeing some work done on the TrackTicketing and InstallingMacPorts  
documents, I'm finding myself quite out of time these days to delve  
into them, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could give a hand (I believe  
they are of high priority, feel free to toss any other one into the  
mix). There are drafts for both of them up at our Wiki already, and all  
you ("you", the reader in general, not necessarily the ones on the  
headers of this message specifically ;-) need to do to improve the  
latter is merge what's already there with what we had on our OpenDarwin  
site, here in svn: 

	As for the former, TrackTicketing guidelines, there's no draft I can  
point you to to get an idea of what I have in mind for it... all of it  
is, as you may have guessed, in my mind ;-) So if you do want to work  
on it feel free to contact me personally so that we can talk it over.

	Regards to all!


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