When a port is already universal

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Apr 10 04:55:43 PDT 2007

Sorry for bringing up the "universal" subject again. But here it is.

I just added a port for "sleepwatcher" which builds using Xcode, and  
it turns out that it builds a universal binary all by itself, without  
me asking it to or doing anything special. So I would like the  
"universal" variant to be auto-selected when anyone installs this  
port (so that, in the list of installed ports, one sees that this  
port is universal). I made this happen by adding this to the port:

default_variants +universal
variant universal {}

This is probably sufficient, I think, but it's a situation we may not  
have thought of yet -- a port that is already universal. There had  
been talk before of adding a flag like "universal_ok yes" or  
"universal_ok no" to indicate that the default universal variant  
works or does not work. Perhaps we also want an option  
"is_already_universal yes" that we could specify, to replace the two  
above lines. Or perhaps that's not necessary. I just wanted to make  
people aware of this situation and solicit input.

The other related situation is that when I install MacPorts 1.5.0  
from trunk and run portindex and ask for info about sleepwatcher, I get:

$ port info sleepwatcher
sleepwatcher 2.0.4, sysutils/sleepwatcher (Variants: universal,  

That is, it shows that the universal variant is available twice.  
Presumably one is the default universal variant, and the other is my  
own. I say that when a port provides its own universal variant, the  
MacPorts default universal variant should disappear. It's confusing  
to see two variants of the same name.

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