MacPorts 1.4.1 released for self update

James Berry jberry at
Sun Apr 15 08:35:05 PDT 2007

MacPorts 1.4.1 has been released for selfupdate. It should hit the  
rsync servers within an hour or so.

If you already have macports installed, simply "sudo port  
selfupdate". If  you're doing a new install, install from the 1.4.0  
disk image, then do a selfupdate.

MacPorts 1.4.1 is a minor bugfix/feature release. ChangeLog entries  

Release 1.4.1 (14-Apr-2007):

     - Add responsive, reasonably fast http mirrors to openbsd group
       (pipping in r23343).

     - Resolved ticket #11637: livecheck incorrectly assumed that
       master_sites was set. (pguyot in r23329).

     - Add xar 1.4 into the build of MacPorts base. xar is now installed
       into /opt/local/, which will conflict with anybody who has the  
       port installed. (jberry in r23687).

     - Add -I${prefix}/include -L${prefix}/lib to the default configure
       flags (pguyot in r23246 and r23291).

     - New options for configure flags (C|CPP|CXX|LD)FLAGS and logic to
       handle that and backward compatibility (pguyot in r23089, r23125,
       r23238, r23248 and r23249).

     - "port sync" now updates svn repos too (eridius in r22784).

     - Default +universal variant for configure-based ports (pguyot in

     - Fixed use of master_site in livecheck, added support for checks, made the up to date message info  
(instead of
       debug) and improved debugging output with livecheck (eridius in
       r23888, r23889, r23890, r23894; pguyot in 23660)

     - Fixed a bug where running port test would not install  
       when required. (pguyot in r23700)

     - New ruby portgroup option to specify the name of the module for
       gem-based ports. (pguyot in 23659)

     - New fetch option to ignore the SSL certificate when fetching from
       a secure site (default is to not ignore it). (pguyot in r23242)

     - Bugfix #11720. Fixes for variants.conf functionality. (jberry in

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