Did someone bork eval_variants?

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at brierdr.com
Sun Apr 15 22:34:26 PDT 2007

I'm seeing this from any port and any operation, so it looks like  
something has gone south in ToT

jkh at sam-> port -d -v livecheck
DEBUG: Changing to port directory: .
Can't map the URL 'file://.' to a port description file ("extra  
characters after close-quote").
Please verify that the directory and portfile syntax are correct.
To use the current port, you must be in a port's directory.
(you might also see this message if a pseudo-port such as
outdated or installed expands to no ports).
DEBUG: invalid command name "eval_variants"
     while executing
"eval_variants variations livecheck"
     invoked from within
"$workername eval eval_variants variations $target"
     (procedure "dportexec" line 7)
     invoked from within
"dportexec $workername $target"
Error: Unable to execute port: invalid command name "eval_variants"

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