Change in ports.conf and ~/.portsrc search paths

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Mon Apr 16 18:28:33 PDT 2007

On Apr 16, 2007, at 7:41 PM, James Berry wrote:

> Please let me know if you have any comments about this change.
> James

	More than a comment, a question actually. If I recall and read it 
correctly, the previous conf file initialization code in 
base/src/darwinports1.0/darwinports.tcl allowed only for one file to 
exist, either in the environment, ${prefix}/etc/ports/ports.conf or 
~/.portsrc, in that order of precedence, iirc. They were all mutually 
exclusive, meaning that the sole presence of one would rule out the 
previous one(s) and therefore you could not have system wide values for 
options foo and bar in, say, ${prefix}/etc/ports/ports.conf, and 
override only the value of bar in ~/.portsrc; supposing foo is some 
mandatory key in the conf file, like ${prefix} itself, having only bar 
in ~/.portsrc would cause our base code to complain about foo not being 
found (and therefore abort). In other words, the previous code 
effectively allowed only for a single conf file with all the needed 
values concentrated in it, no spreading them around. So onto my 
question finally: is this still the case? If so, is this something we 
want? OK, that's two questions, I know ;-)



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