MacPorts v1.4.2 released

James Berry jberry at
Mon Apr 16 20:53:41 PDT 2007

MacPorts 1.4.2 has been released for selfupdate. It should hit the  
rsync servers in an hour or so.

1.4.2 is a minor bug fix release, cut quickly because 1.4.1 didn't  
build properly on panther (Mac OS X 10.3.x).

ChangeLog entries:

Release 1.4.2 (16-Apr-2007):

     - New logic for variants overload that basically yields to  
listing only
       variant +universal on ports that redefine it (pguyot in 24100).

     - Implement brand new fs-traverse command in Pextlib.
       See portfile.7 for documentation (eridius in r24079, r24080,  
and r24112).

     - Add per-user preferences in ~/.macports/user.conf. This will  
be used
       for submitter information.
       Simplify selection of ports.conf file:
         - ~/.portsrc is no longer supported.
         - Search order for ports.conf is now:
             - PORTSRC
             - ~/.macports/ports.conf
             - ${prefix}/etc/ports.conf
           Only the first file found will be parsed and used.
        (jberry r24071, r24113, r24114)

     - Improvements on livecheck: fixed a report bug, improved ruby  
       default behavior (pguyot in r24026 and r24018)

     - Remove xar from the build. xar doesn't build on panther due to
       a libxml2 lib too old for xar requirements. We'll find another
       way to deal with xar, perhaps by requiring users to install the
       xar port when they need its services. (jberry r24107:r24108)

     - Remove configure switch for building launchd support. (jberry  

     - Remove compatibility upgrade for conf files from
       darwinports 1.1 to 1.2. (jberry r24106).

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