startupitem.inetdcompat or newbie base hacking!

markd at markd at
Sat Apr 21 20:25:53 PDT 2007

James Berry <jberry at> on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 7:45 PM
-0800 wrote:
>> I think it would be desirable to have a startupitem that supports
>> inetdcompatibility in MacPorts.  It seems to me it wouldn't be that  
>> hard
>> since the heavy lifting was already done in MP 1.2.  So I've hacked  
>> the
>> portstartupitem.tcl file for some new startupitems and I want to  
>> test it
>> so I tried replacing the current copy in ${prefix} with the  
>> modified file
>> but it isn't recognizing my new variables.  What is the proper way  
>> to test
>> a new portstartupitem.tcl file?
>Great idea to work on that stuff a bit more. Modifying the code in $ 
>{prefix} is the right thing to do. I'm not sure which variables  
>you're having trouble with, but one thing to be aware of is that the  
>option variables for startupitem are declared in portdestroot.tcl.

Oh I see.  I'll look at that.  I am defining a startupitem.inetdcompat
keyword and I only have it defined in portstartupitems.tcl.  But 'port
install' chokes on my new keyword right away and not at destroot so I
wonder if that is the problem yet.  So
/opt/local/sharedarwinports/Tcl/port1.0 is what gets executed correct?


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