startupitem.inetdcompat or newbie base hacking!

markd at markd at
Mon Apr 23 00:06:20 PDT 2007

>> startupitem.inetdcompat
>> startupitem.inetdcompat.socketsvcname
>> startupitem.inetdcompat.nowait
>> They are attached to this ticket:
>That looks pretty good. I'd love to hear feedback from others, but  
>I'd favor commiting this to allow some experimental usage.

I'll need to add something to check whether the values are yes/no or
true/false etc.  Right now it just checks for the presence of keywords so
it isn't fully safe for users.  Though it's probably trivial, I've never
done Tcl except for Portfile level stuff so I'll see how to do that and
add that stuff in a few days and test it a few more times and it could be
committed then.  I'll do a little more on it and then nag the list about
committing it.
>> How hard do you think it would be to support multiple  
>> startupitems?  If
>> I'm not mistaken only one is supported now.  I have ports that  
>> could use
>> more than one startup script.
>I don't think that was really anticipated in the design; we've have  
>to change the syntax somehow to allow multiple items.

I suppose it wouldn't be a priority since few ports would use it, I have
only one that would and I'm hand coding it for the 2nd startup item. 
Though I haven't looked at any of the code that parses portfiles, I'm
guessing it isn't trivial for an elegant solution.


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