Variants consistency

N_Ox n.oxyde at
Mon Apr 23 23:45:55 PDT 2007

Le 24 avr. 07 à 07:39, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

> On Apr 23, 2007, at 13:21, N_Ox wrote:
>> Why not an equivalent of the use.desc file of Gentoo's Portage  
>> package manager which would provide
>> some kind of global variants?
> I'm not familiar with how Gentoo handles this. Could you tell us?

Gentoo uses a file named use.desc which contains every global use  
flag (Portage's variant equivalent)
with its description.
Additionally, there is a use.local.desc which contains the various  
specific packages' use flags.

This is a great feature as I believe you are frequently asked what is  
the purpose of this or that variant.

PS : Again, I've forgotten to reply to the list -_-, I'm sorry.

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