Tor and unusual version numbers

Chris Pickel chpickel at
Thu Apr 26 19:45:04 PDT 2007

On 26 Apr, 2007, at 19:49, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:
> 	IIRC this already came up once but went unresolved. Four digit  
> version numbers are not that common, so this is probably an  
> overlook for that case either in the "get_outdated_ports" tcl proc  
> in port(1) (base/src/port/port.tcl) or in the "rpm_vercomp" C  
> function of the Pextlib library (base/src/pextlib1.0/vercomp.c),  
> used said proc.

I looked over vercomp.c, and four-digit version numbers should not be  
treated differently. Vercomp simply compares each alphabetic or  
numeric segments in sequence. You should be able to verify this by  
running tclsh directly:

% lappend auto_path /opt/local/share/darwinports/Tcl
% package require Pextlib 1.0
% rpm-vercomp

get_outdated_ports and action_outdated make their comparisons with  
rpm-vercomp if epoch comparison is inconclusive. So, I'm not sure  
where this bug could be coming from.

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