Can't install libsdl-mixer_fr .. evil inflexible ticketing systems!

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Mon Jan 22 12:58:30 PST 2007

Salvatore Domenick Desiano <sal at> on Saturday, January 20, 2007
at 12:42 PM -0800 wrote:
>SDL is a tricky library because it ties to many, many other libraries, 
>which makes it more likely to break under different system 
>configurations than other ports. This isn't an excuse, but an 
>explanation as to why it may be causing such a headache. It's not 
>According to the bug tracking system, a patch for this problem was 
>submitted by sethk at on 12/23 of last year, but that patch 
>hasn't been applied and the port isn't maintained. If you can add the 
>patch to the portfile yourself, you should be in business. Otherwise, 
>you can see if one of the other MP developers can update the Portfile 
>for you. This is bug #8771.

I'll give the patch a try later and notify the list.

Rant:  I think people submitting patches should get top priority.  It is
so difficult to know which bugs are actually fixable in a reasonable
length of time.  If only there were a "patch in this ticket" flag that
users could check these would get committed faster.  There are trivial
bugs that no one cares about, impossible to fix bugs that no one knows
how, and easy ones that already have been fixed (but not committed) all in
the same pile.  These ticketing systems waste so much of all our time!


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