Kernel extensions in MacPorts

Salvatore Domenick Desiano sal at
Tue Jan 23 21:32:41 PST 2007

o > Possibly. I'd at least like to add a pre-deactivate hook that can query
o > kextstat to see if the extension is loaded, and pop up a huge honking
o > warning telling the user that this could be dangerous, and ask to continue?
o > <y/n>.
o I'd rather just add the FUSE kexts now, and worry about auto-loading them (or
o not) later.
o Personally I don't want DarwinPorts loading or unloading kexts automatically.
o There are all kinds of corner cases that are difficult to handle.

Out of curiousity, what's the danger in uninstalling a loaded kernel 

-- Sal

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