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Thu Jan 25 10:47:05 PST 2007

Fair enough. I'll stick with native.

On Jan 25, 2007, at 12:48 PM, Blair Zajac wrote:

> The point for svn:eol-style native is to allow people to check out  
> files and edit them on their own box and not have to worry about  
> the end of lines.
> If we set the style to LF, then people that do check the files out  
> on Windows to edit will have only LFs and not CRLFs in the file and  
> then notepad or other simple editors will get a file that appears  
> to be one long line instead of a normal looking like file.  So  
> svn:eol-style LF prevents people with Windows clients from editing  
> our files easily.
> Since we're only running the scripts on Unix OSes, or even Cygwin,  
> then when we do a checkout there, the end-of-line is LF, so  
> everything works fine.  Now, if we do checkouts on non-Unix OSes  
> where the eol is not LF and need to run them and the script process  
> needs LF end of lines, then there's an issue, but I don't see this  
> as being a problem since we're very unlikely to run into it.  Even  
> in Cygwin, most people have it run in LF mode, not CRLF mode.
> I think you're trading a known issue that we can run into now  
> (people editing these files on Windows systems and wanting to  
> provide the correct system end-of-lines to make life easy) vs a  
> problem which isn't occurring (running a script with CRLF on a  
> scripting engine that needs LFs).

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