perl or net category? - was variables and external cmds / ${perl5.lib}

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sun Jan 28 15:37:11 PST 2007

"Mark Duling" <mark.duling at> on Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 2:03
PM -0800 wrote:
>>> It seems that the freebsd ports sytem has access for perl variables  
>>> even
>>> for non-perl ports.  Would that be easy to hack onto MaPorts?  It  
>>> would be
>>> nice but I don't know the pros and cons.
>>I don't think it's worthwhile to add it to base/ since it's  
>>relatively easy for the portfiles get their own information if they  
>>need it.
>Perhaps there is another option, which did not occur to me until now.  I
>put smokeping (the app for which I'd like to use ${sitearch}) in the net
>category, but really I suppose there is no reason why I couldn't
>categorize it as perl and net categories and just use the perl5 portgroup,
>then I'd have access to {sitearch}.  It is a perl application, though it
>requires no compiling at all and is used to monitor networks.  Is this
>valid reasoning?  If so ...
>Could I just add "PortGroup   perl5 1.0" to my portfile? 

Ok, it works.  Adding the 'PortGroup  perl5 1.0' statement to my port
allowed me to use the variable ${perl5.archlib}, just what I wanted.  The
only remaiing question is when I add the perl portgroup to the smokeping
port, whether I should move the port to category dports/perl or leave it
in dports/net with perl as a secondary category.


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