A 1.4 release

Mark Duling mark.duling at biola.edu
Tue Jan 30 09:56:57 PST 2007

Juan Manuel Palacios <jmpp at macports.org> on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at
9:47 AM -0800 wrote:
>4) Any other differences between trunk/base and /brances/release_1_3, 
>to be integrated into a future release_1_4 branch, including but not 
>limited to:
>	-) the unarchive --> archive rollback of my earlier "fix", performed 
>by Daniel Luke;
>	-) Kevin Ballard's fast_load improvements;
>	-) a new portfile.7 man page, I think...?

Hi Juan!

Yes, a new portfile.7 man page is ready and attached here.


There are some other manpage additions/enhancements in trac I might be
able to get done before 1.4, depending on when that happens.  Do manpage
enhancements get added to HEAD so they just get automatically rolled into
the next release?  Or do they have to be explicitly added to a new release
when that occurs?


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