MacFUSE portfile

Cédric Luthi cedric.luthi at
Wed Jan 31 09:04:18 PST 2007

On 31 janv. 07, at 07:02, Kevin Ballard wrote:

> r21623 is a seemingly innocuous commit, but it provides MacFUSE  
> support. Hooray!

Great, thanks for your contribution :-)

I just want to let you know that even after syncing, fuse was not  
recognized. My bet (sole intuition) is the problem came from the new  
top-level category added.
$ port search fuse
libconfuse                     devel/libconfuse 2.5           
libConfuse is a configuration file parser library
zope-cmfusertracktool          zope/zope-cmfusertracktool  
1.1          User tracking product for CMF Zope sites

No trace of fusefs :-(

I had to manually "sudo portindex" in order to be able to install it.

Do other people had the same problem ?

Cédric Luthi

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