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Chris Pickel chpickel at
Fri Jun 1 12:36:12 PDT 2007

On 01 Jun, 2007, at 14:43, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:
> 	Again, many reasons to move GSoC work to branches and very little  
> to have it happen right on trunk, in my opinion. I'll make the move  
> if no one presents a case against it, so please speak up if you  
> feel you have valid arguments against moving to branches. Thanks!

Keep in mind, one of the biggest reasons not to branch is the same  
reason you're encountering now: feedback.

In general, I think the best solution is to work in trunk with hooks  
that disable the new behavior for users who aren't adventurous. That  
lowers the barrier for feedback, while keeping it up for safety.

On 01 Jun, 2007, at 15:09, Anant Narayanan wrote:
> Please do keep in mind that the students are required to submit a URL
> and possibly even upload code that they have authored during the  
> summer
> to at the end of the term. Committing directly to  
> trunk
> poses a practical problem as it will be difficult for the students to
> distinctly show their work for audit.

This should not be a problem. My project will produce a fairly  
sizable body of code that's completely new, which can be shown to  
Google. The logic to hook that code into the rest of MacPorts doesn't  
really need to be shown, and it would be difficult to separate this  
out even in a branch.

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