libmd vs. openssl

Chris Pickel sfiera at
Mon Jun 4 13:10:10 PDT 2007

(having thought about it, if I want to ask the developers something,  
it's better to mail this list than to put the question in the footer  
of a -users message)

Since it stopped shelling out for md5, MacPorts has supported two  
libraries for checksums: libmd and libcrypto. It prefers to compile  
with libmd support, but apparently this doesn't always work [1].

The reasons for preferring libmd are pretty obvious: it supports the  
algorithms we want and doesn't have any more unnecessary bloat.

The reasons against libmd are a) that Apple doesn't provide it, b)  
MacPorts officially supports only Apple, and b) apparently it doesn't  
always work.

So, a couple of questions:
  1. Has anyone successfully compiled MacPorts against libmd recently?
  2. Would it be desirable to prefer libcrypto?
  3. Would it be desirable to bundle libmd with MacPorts?

It's a pretty lightweight library (152K compressed), so it would not  
be unreasonable to go with #3.



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