dependency bug?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jun 4 19:49:31 PDT 2007

On Jun 4, 2007, at 21:14, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> prunille:~> sudo port -v -d uninstall docbook-xml-412
> DEBUG: scrollkeeper depends on this port
> DEBUG: scrollkeeper depends on this port
> --->  Unable to uninstall docbook-xml-412 4.1.2_0, the following  
> ports depend on it:
> --->    scrollkeeper
> --->    scrollkeeper
> DEBUG: Please uninstall the ports that depend on docbook-xml-412  
> first.
>     while executing
> "portuninstall::uninstall $portname [composite_version $portversion  
> [array get variations]] [array get options]"
> Error: port uninstall failed: Please uninstall the ports that  
> depend on docbook-xml-412 first.
> but...
> prunille:~> port info scrollkeeper
> Warning: Found 2 port scrollkeeper definitions, displaying first one.

I don't have that message when I "port info scrollkeeper". Maybe you  
have a local copy of a scrollkeeper port somewhere.

> scrollkeeper 0.3.14, Revision 4, textproc/scrollkeeper (Variants:  
> universal)
> ScrollKeeper is a cataloging system for documentation on open  
> systems. It manages documentation metadata (as specified by the  
> Open Source Metadata Framework (OMF) and provides a simple API to  
> allow help browsers to find, sort, and search the document catalog.  
> It will also be able to communicate with catalog servers on the Net  
> to search for documents which are not on the local system.
> Build Dependencies: pkgconfig, intltool
> Library Dependencies: libxslt, libxml2, gettext, expat, fontconfig,  
> docbook-xml-scrollkeeper, docbook-xsl, docbook-xml, docbook-xml-4.1.2
> Platforms: darwin
> Maintainers: rhwood at openmaintainer at
> I don't see docbook-xml-412 in the dependencies.

Maybe not now, but it used to be, before this change on 2007-05-31:

Just force the uninstall with -f.

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