Script to obscure your email address in your ports

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jun 4 23:38:15 PDT 2007

Dear portfile maintainers,

There was a recent discussion on the list in which it was decided  
that we should support obscuring the email addresses in the  
maintainer line of our portfiles. If your email address is  
"bob at", then the obscured address entered into the  
portfile would be "". If your email address ends  
with, then your obscured address is simply the username  
before the @ sign. A future version of MacPorts will automatically un- 
obscure the email addresses again for commands like "port info".

Some maintainers have already started obscuring their email addresses  
in their ports. If you would like to obscure your email address in  
the ports you maintain, you can use the attached script to do so.  
Assuming you have a Subversion working copy of the ports tree, change  
to that directory and run the script in that directory with your  
current maintainer email address as the only argument. The script  
will obscure the address and swap it out in all your portfiles. You  
can then examine the output of "svn diff" to ensure the change is  
correct (and that you have no other unrelated changes in your working  
copy) and then you can "svn commit" it.

# Change to ports tree
$ cd /path/to/dports
# Make sure there are no other uncommitted changes
$ svn status
# Make sure we're up to date
$ svn update
# Obscure maintainer email addresses
$ ~/Desktop/ bob at
# Check the changes
$ svn diff
# Commit it
$ svn commit -m "Obscuring my email address in the ports I maintain."

Caveat: The script will not find any ports of yours where your email  
address is not on the line that begins with the command  
"maintainers", for example if the maintainers are split across  
multiple lines. However, I think there are only four ports to which  
this applies, and in all four of them, only  
"openmaintainer at" is on the second line.

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