dp2mp-move branch work done & merging into trunk

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Wed Jun 6 19:37:22 PDT 2007

	Hey Charlie, good to see you're back!

On Jun 2, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Charlie Allom wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 02:48:21PM -0400, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:
>>  detailed above. Also, branch has been tested extensively and  
>> everything
> Juan - can you detail specific instructions for testing the branch?  
> I'm
> sure some people would be happy to help test some more..

	Testing the branch should be no different from simply installing off  
of it and using the resulting MacPorts installation on a regular  
basis, everything should just work as expected and just as trunk/base  
does (there's feature parity); if it doesn't then there's a bug in  
one/some of my various renaming edits and I should look into it,  
report it to me right away! (mail, ticket assigned to me, both,  
whatever you prefer). I have, however, been using the branch for long  
already (installing ports, upgrading them, using them, etc...) and  
haven't experienced a single anomaly (or at least none that I haven't  
fixed already ;-), so I wouldn't expect anything to turn up (anything  
that's not also in trunk, of course). Some others have told me it's  
the same case for them, but anyways I always appreciate more eyes  
looking ;-)

	The only one count in which the testing protocol is particular to  
this branch is in the install target of the main Makefile (base/ 
Makefile): said target calls an 'upgrade' prerequisite that takes  
care of moving all of an existing MacPorts installation to the new  
layout outlined in the branch (installation paths, config settings,  
etc), so that should be carefully tested. However, this is not too  
difficult in itself:

-) manually upgrading an existing MacPorts installation with this  
branch (make && make install);
-) selfupdating an existing installation to this branch.

	Both of those upgrading methods should produce a MacPorts  
installation identical to one from scratch off the branch. Take a  
look at [1] for an idea of how things should look like. Also,  
installing off this branch over an already renamed MacPorts  
installation should work flawlessly too, so maybe you could test that  
as well (I've done it here myself and things look fine).

	The only thing I don't support is installing trunk on top of this  
branch and then trying to upgrade that in turn... but who in their  
right mind would do that....? ;-)

	About selfupdating to this branch, as you may have guessed it's not  
possible doing so off of the MacPorts rsync server, since we're still  
feeding the 1.4.42 tag to users. Minor manual intervention is required:

-) install the branches/dp2mp-move/base/portmgr/rsync.repos file as a  
local rsyncd.conf file and start a local rsync server;
-) point the ports.conf file to this server and to the "release/ 
base/" rsync module ('rsync_dir' key);
-) run a local copy of the branches/dp2mp-move/base/portmgr/ 
mprsyncup.new script with a RELEASE_URL value of "http:// 
svn.macports.org/repository/macports/branches/dp2mp-move/base" (this  
new script fully bootstraps and populates the rsync repos);
-) selfupdate.

	See? Minor manual intervention! ;-)

	Feel free to send me any suggestions/corrections you might have for  
the 'upgrade' target in the Makefile, it is probably the most  
important part of the work so it could use as much sanitizing as it  
can get! However, I have, again, done a lot of local testing and have  
progressively polished it over time, so it should be alright. Feel  
free to ping me if you'd like me to explain it, it's a bit  
involved ;-) There are some comments at the end of the target  
detailing some minor thoughts/doubts I still have, feel free to look  
into them and provide feedback if you're so inclined.

> and do you have an ETA on when you would like to merge?

	Unfortunately I haven't received much feedback on the branch nor on  
the roadmap doc at [1], so I can only assume everything is looking up  
and good. In fact, the only feedback I've received is two people  
telling me the changes look great (the new layout) and some others  
telling me the branch is working as expected.... so therefore I'm  
feeling more than ready to merge it back into trunk ASAP. The only  
outstanding requirement is updating the rsync server with the new  
modules (rsync.repos file) and the new mprsyncup script, and I'm  
already coordinating that with Kevin.

	Therefore merging should happen real soon now!

>   C.
> -- 
>  hail eris
>  http://rubberduck.com/

	Thanks for the help in testing the branch, much appreciated!  


[1] http://trac.macports.org/projects/macports/wiki/MacPortsRenaming

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