Automatic out-of-dateness checking for base and ports tree

Chris Pickel sfiera at
Thu Jun 7 19:01:08 PDT 2007

On 07 Jun, 2007, at 18:10, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> MacPorts does neither: it doesn't auto-update the base software,  
> but if you update the ports tree (or do a fresh install of  
> MacPorts, which pulls down a current ports tree), it may not work  
> with your old version of MacPorts. And this is a problem I think we  
> should solve.

You've identified a key point here: the problem occurs when the ports  
tree is synced without a selfupdate. It seems that this could be  
solved by keeping a file containing the target version in the ports  
tree. That file would be compared against ${prefix}/etc/macports/ 
mp_version to see if the installed version is new enough.

This would require no periodic checking, other than the `port sync`  
which has to happen anyway. Nor would there be any possibility of the  
user having problems in the intermittent period between the server  
update and their check.

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