berkeleydb version duplication

markd at markd at
Mon Jun 11 18:18:24 PDT 2007

I see that db4 is at version 4.3, so it is duplicated by the db43 port,
though not entirely because the lib locations are different.  In addition
to the duplication, the library names and locations aren't consistent the
way it is.  The following ports depend on db4, should any of them depend
on db44?

db4 - libgda, libgda3, openldap, prothon, cyrus-imapd, exim, isync,
mutt-devel, spamprobe, netatalk, rb-bdb, xastir

db44 - many
db45 - a few

db41 - no dependents
db42 - no dependents
db43 - no dependents


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