livecheck my ports (was: Re: universal syntax like livecheck?)

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Fri Jun 15 08:01:18 PDT 2007

Citando Ryan Schmidt :
>  Though, I still find it odd that I have to use sudo. If I don't:
>  $ port livecheck maintainer:ryandesign
>  Error: Unable to execute port: 
>  /opt/local/var/db/dports/build/_Users_rschmidt_macports_dports_graphics_ImageMagick/work/.darwinports.ImageMagick.state 
>  is not writable - check permission on port directory
>  It's non-intuitive that it would have to write anything to disk when all I'm 
>  asking it to do is check the contents of some remote web sites.

One workaround could be that 'port clean' removes the build directory, I
do not know the use of having all those dirs stay in build/, but if you
remove _Users_blabla_ImageMagick, then 'port livecheck ImageMagick'
should work without sudo (maybe did I change the rights on build for
that to work, I do not remember). You will also be able to port extract,
build, even destroot and archive without being root (doesn't it bother
you to have to be root to just 'port fetch'?). 

Best regards,


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